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*This a pre-recorded Webinar. Once purchased you will receive a link to view the content on your own.

Learn How Trauma & Underlying STRESS Impacts Brain and Behavior. Gain a deeper level of understanding of how to reach the heart of children who feel unreachable. Learn simple, field-tested, proven effective ways to help high ACE’s*  children succeed. (*adverse childhood experiences)


For Parents and Professionals


In this most challenging time, with children being home 24/7 it can be difficult; emotionally, and psychologically for children, and for their parents. Especially when a child has experienced early childhood trauma. They are more vulnerable, and more at risk of health factors throughout their lives. 


Bryan and Jeanette want to mitigate this factor!!! You will walk away with 6 TOOLS you can apply right after you leave the training!


Now more than ever is a moment in time when parents CAN hone their skills, CAN put practices to the test, CAN take SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, GROW TRUE GRIT as a PARENT, and be inspired to become more TRAUMA-INFORMED. YES, YOU CAN DO IT!


Tough times call for TOUGH PEOPLE!


For Parents and Professionals

You are reading this, NOT BY MISTAKE. YOU want to learn, you're feeling OVERWHELMED, FED UP, TIRED, EXHAUSTED, and ANGRY...


BRYAN and JEANETTE will be sharing from their experiences GROWING UP IN ADOPTION AND FOSTER CARE, and how they are able to help families TODAY, amidst this WORLD CRISIS. 


Join us at this special venture. The FIRST time BRYAN POST and JEANETTE YOFFE have combined forces to support parents and their children.


Please join them to learn tools of understanding, compassion, and above all LOVE.


Trauma-Informed Support for Families with Bryan Post & Jeanette Yoffe MFT Part I

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