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 Meet the people that make us who we are today...


Jeanette Yoffe

Executive Director

M.A , M.F.T

She has been in the field for 
over 20 years. She has worked 

as a psychotherapist, supervisor, 

foster care social worker and is the clinical director of Yoffe Therapy Inc. She has trained social workers and therapists in trauma-informed practice for the Los Angeles County Child and Family Services and the Department of Mental Health. She also holds trainings for parents, social workers, and therapists on topics related to adoption & foster care challenges, parenting, the impact of pre-adoption trauma, grief/loss, open adoption, open foster care, attachment challenges and provides support to adult adoptees and foster youth searching for long lost family members, as well as assists in reunion and family reunification.


Devyn Amos

Teen Specialist 

M.S.W., P.P.S.C

Devyn is an associate clinical social worker and is a school social worker providing traditional therapeutic services for students with the Los Angeles Unified School District.  She specializes in helping adolescents, children and families with issues related to foster and adoption, parent/child relationships, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, anger management, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social skills and school consultation. Through a strengths-based approach, Devyn utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to help clients understand their own mind-body connection. She has a specialty working with Asian Adolescent Adoptees.

Cibele Sousa.jpg

Cibele Sousa

Family Clinician

M.A , M.F.T

Cibele helps clients connect their body/inner strengths and their mind/rational strengths to achieve change and personal growth. With kindness, compassion, and mindfulness, she creates a safe and nurturing space where clients feel seen and heard. She has success working with clients with stress, anxiety, depression, cancer recovery, surgical preparation/recovery, family preservation due to divorce or separation, high conflict couples, and chronic illness. Trained in Trauma Release Exercise NeuroAffective, SMART Recovery, Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Model and Resilience ToolKit. She is fluent in Portugese. 

Yoffe Therapy, Inc. is a group psychotherapy practice comprised of dedicated, compassionate clinicians brought together to serve the Adoption and Foster Care community in Los Angeles. Our Clinicians are seasoned professionals, Adoption and Foster Care competent, highly skilled at their craft, and focused on the growth and resiliency of their clients. We utilize many different psychotherapeutic interventions to facilitate healing and provide training`s and conferences.

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