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Jeanette Yoffe Book
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Yoffe Therapy has devoted time to learning how children and adults adapt to the experience of foster care and adoption and have developed a range of effective therapeutic interventions available on Amazon, for children, teens, and their families. Each intervention is tailored for each child, teen, and family receiving services at Yoffe Therapy. 

Jeanette Yoffe, Founder and Clinical Director of Yoffe Therapy, has specialized for the past 18 years in the treatment of children who manifest serious deficits in their emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development secondary to histories of abuse, neglect, and /or multiple placements. She and her staff dedicate their expertise, heart, and devotion to each family. 

Most recently Jeanette published and recorded a play about growing up in foster care and adoption titled "What's Your Name, Who's Your Daddy?" on Amazon and Audible The play is helpful for families, agencies, support groups, and kids (ages 13 &up)  to listen, learn, and talk together about the experience HERE

We understand that therapy comes at a price, that is why Jeanette created Celia Center,
a non-profit organization that offers FREE support groups and special events for healing. 




 We are here to offer psychological and emotional support to anyone connected by Foster Care & Adoption. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery, and in our sessions, we promote mind and body transformation by utilizing best practices to encourage a positive outlook and adaptation of new attitudes and coping.

We believe... "Openness helps everyone in the adoption constellation. It heals relationships and helps to guide how the birth family is part of the foster or adoptive family, and how the adoptive or foster family is part of the birth family when all parties are healthy attachments. We think about adoptive, birth, and foster family relationships in all directions. We follow everyone's lead every step of the way and focus on emotional and psychological comfort."


We offer a range of services to help guide you. 

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