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In this most challenging time, being home 24/7 can be difficult; emotionally, and psychologically. Especially when you have experienced early separation trauma, have lifelong questions, and do the constant "adoptee-xplaining" 24/7 because "people just don't understand" what WE GO THROUGH. Yes, WE! With over 38 years of experience combined, Jeanette and Hillary are both Adoptees & Adoption Professionals! They get it! We do need mental health support. We are more vulnerable, and more at risk of health factors throughout our lives. Jeanette and Hillary want to support your mental health needs as it connects to adoption.


You will walk away with 6 INSIGHTS & TOOLS you can apply right after you leave the training! Now more than ever is a moment in time when you have an opportunity to gain new skills, put practices to the test, take SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, GROW TRUE GRIT, and be inspired to become more Adoption Competent. YES, YOU CAN DO IT! Tough times call for TOUGH PEOPLE! You are reading this, NOT BY MISTAKE. Join us to build our strengths and vulnerabilities together!

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